Saturday, July 16, 2011

No, I don't want to clean

  I hate to clean with a passion. It feels like that is all I do especially with 4 kids & a husband. It seems like no matter what I do I can't stay on top of things. I know a lot of it is our fault for not staying on the older girls better about picking up after themselves.
  I hate to see the mess around me. Dh calls it the lived in look. We have 4 kids so we do not expect perfection but orderly would be nice. The baby still has her infection & is on her 2nd day of meds. She is not feeling well & did not nap well earlier or I would be tackling this mess. I also admit I lack motivation & get overwhelmed. Not just with the task of cleaning but with many aspects of life.
  It is like I look at it & know it won't stay clean so why try. I know better so I do attempt to keep it under control. I grew up in a house with a mom who is a borderline hoarder. I was expected to constantly clean up after her & my 3 siblings so cleaning frustrates me. 
  I expect the girls to clean up after themselves & help out with something if we request. My oldest knows how to do her laundry & think it is time to introduce dishes too. I had a friend when I was growing up that never learned how to do anything for herself. She could make mac & cheese, that was it as far as domestics. I do not want my girls to find themselves in that spot.
  I need to get better about doing certain things every day. I used to be really good about it. It is hard to get back into the habit with 2 younger ones always at home & one of them being a baby who needs me.
  I always wonder how others manage to keep things together & what works best for them. Ideas, suggestions are always welcome. I need to see if Maddie will let me put her down so I can get something accomplished.


  1. I hate to clean too...and no one here helps! Very annoying sometimes.

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  2. house is a disaster too, and it drives me bonkers. But I'm beginning to think that house cleaning is for suckers. Seriously. We're cleaning as they're making messes, next thing you know, Mom is yelling, everyone's crying. It's miserable. And then you blink your eyes and our little mess makers are gone, all grown up. And the house is still there. A little less messy and a whole lot emptier.

    So nice to meet another mother of 4! I'm interested to see if anyone comes up with a solution to this-other than hiring a maid. LOL

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  4. I know how you feel! I have three and with them on summer vacation it feels almost impossible to keep it clean! When it's just me and the youngest home during the day it isn't so bad, I can pretty much stay on top of everything. Not only them being home and messing things up as I do them, I want to enjoy summer break too. It isn't just a break for them, it's also one for me! I want to be able to do the things with them that we normally don't get to so I'm not going to waste it away worrying too much about the house!

  5. I agree! It feels sooo good though when it's clean. I've been trying to get my kids to take on more chores - hubby too!

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  6. Seems we are in the same boat, I dislike cleaning and it's only the three of us! I wait until everything is piled up before diving in for a deep clean. With my busy schedule, it's soo hard to keep up with things such as cooking and cleaning. I think setting a time and day for things like this would help alot.

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  7. Awww hang in there Momma! Here's a tip: renew your mind. Instead of dreading cleaning... think of how blessed you are to have a family to clean and care for!! They LOVE you so much!! :o)