Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to school shopping

   One of the things I hate about going to school year round is the short shopping time we get for the next school year. My girls last day was June 30th & we start August 8th. 
  I am finding myself trying to get the basics for a 5th & 7th graders. The problem is a lot of the school supplies are still on the expensive side. That does not include that even our public schools wear uniforms here too so that really adds to it. I hate that they have to wear white shirts especially since I am allergic to bleach so that makes it hard to keep the shirts clean. You can add to that a child who gets chronic bloody noses & I am sure you can imagine my disdain.
   On Wednesday I went & tried to get the bare minimum they will need & then hopefully get the rest when better sales hit. I do still have to get a note book since I forgot 1 for my oldest. I spent $65 & all that I got was: 2 back packs, folders, 2 binders, pens, 1 box of crayons per girl, 1 pack of glue sticks, notebooks, 3 packs of post it notes, computer paper.
   I still have to get uniforms, 2 pairs of shoes per girls (3 each if I get gym shoes) plus extra paper, poster board, notebooks, folders, glue, crayons and the list goes on (imagine in your head me singing & "the beat goes on"). I am lucky my 4 year old does not start preschool until mid September so I can wait for things to go on clearance for her.  None of that cost included the workbook fee for them.
   My 5th grader wanted to take her lunch this year until she learned she would have to make it herself & that deterred her. I told her she was old enough for that responsibility. I don't think she quite saw it my way.
   Oh I forgot to add into the cost of a new cell phone since my oldest will not be at the same school as my 5th grader. Then in late fall we will have to replace our oldest daughter's phone. We got her a cheap starter phone & it has not held up well these past 2 years. Normally we would just passed down our phones when we upgrade but we got iPhones. We have decided we do not feel comfortable with the girls walking around with those. We will turn off the service & turn them into iTouches they can use around the house.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend recap

  I took the girls to the dentist Friday. Catie need her 2 eye teeth pulled. She was born with a cleft lip & it has caused some dental problems with her. Abby needed a filling & has to get more in Sept. Brooke was fine this time, which is surprising. She is12 & hates to take care of what needs to be done, it drives me nuts
  We did end up flooding early Saturday morning. We got over 6 inches of rain outside & about an inch in the basement. I have a load of clothes to wash from it but it was not bad. Dh is looking into seeing what it would take to seal the basement so it will not flood.
  We took the longest time deciding if we would go to the fair on Saturday. We knew it was going to be overly hot & possibly rain. We did not go last year because it flooded & we had water up to my upper thighs (I am 5'7). We have only missed going 2 years in the last 12 years so we like to keep the tradition.
  We were going with my 2 sisters (they are 24 & twins) they were going to help since I needed someone to help with the baby & then someone to watch a girl while on rides. It is to hard to watch the girls ride when the older 2 are on big rides & Abby is still on little ride.
  We decided to bite the bullet & go. Yes it was beyond hot, i put on sunscreen & still ended up fried.  Around 4 the heat got the best of my husband & his sugar fell fast. Catie & I stood by the rides trying to hold him up so he would not hit his head on the concrete. Finally someone noticed that something was wrong & helped me get him to the ground. My sister Jamie had the baby in an air conditioned building so I sent my sister Randi after the paramedics. 
  We found some people who were really helpful. Most people seemed he was just over heated & offered water, it was still nice. I had one lady who was in her mid 20's who offered to buy him water. I said I appreciated it very much but he was a type 1 diabetic so it would not help. Catie was so upset by everything, it is still hard on her after 10 years.
  The ambulance showed up & took him to the front, I walked the girls over to where Jamie was & then went to be with Joey. Once I knew he was okay I called Jamie & asked her to let Catie know he was fine. I asked her to take the girls for their last hour of rides. There was a ride special from 12-6.
  They got things under control & asked me if I could handle things from there or if they should take him to the hospital. I said I had it under control, I knew he needed to eat. The ironic thing is when this all happened we were just talking about what he was going to eat. I had kept an eye on him making sure he was eating & hydrated since I know the heat makes everything worse for him.
  Sunday was fairly laid back. Joey needed soda for work so he got up & took me to the store for it. I washed all of the dishes & cleaned the sink. Catie cleaned the front room all on her own without being asked so I took her for ice cream later in the evening. I did some laundry. Catie & I played marbles while her sisters were at a friends house.  
  I watched a few movies "Charlie St. Cloud" "Cruel Intentions 3" "The Kids are All Right" the last 2 were pretty weird. That is what happens when nothing is on tv & you have 100's of cable channels.