Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catherine, calling Catherine.

  I still had 2 daughters to introduce so figured I better get started. I need to find decent pictures of them to show off. Dh wiped this computer clean though so I only have what is on my phone picture wise for now.
  Catie turned 10 in Feb. Take notice that I said Catie & not Cathy. I decided before she was born that I did not want her to have the nickname Cathy so I started calling her Catie very early on. She gets upset when someone calls her Cathy.
  She was born with a cleft lip, we got it repaired at 4 months. She was a difficult sort of baby. She did not want anyone to hold her unless she was sick. That was hard because we all love to snuggle & love on babies & she wanted none of that. She was very shy & still is to a point.
  She has strawberry blond hair that she loves. Her grandma (mother-in-law) is one of her best friends. They will spend days on end together, luckily she only lives 3 streets away. 
  She is on the local gymnastics team. She just finished her 1st year. She did well & worked hard for years to get to be there. She gets frustrated that she can't do some of the things the other girls who have been on the team longer can do. We just tell her that things will come for her with practice.
  She is still content to be a little girl in most ways & play with Littlest Pet Shops & the likes of it. I am fine with that, so many kids feel the need to grow up instantly.
  She will be going into 5th grade in August. I can remember when it was her 1st day of preschool & she did not want to let go of me. My girls are al growing up & it can be a hard pill to swallow.
  She loves the color red, collects cows. She likes to read, play webkinz & various online sites. She is helpful & like to bake. She has a temper to match her beautiful hair, haha. She loves to garden with grandpa.


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