Thursday, July 14, 2011

You're getting shots so why are you laughing

   Well life got away from me as it often will when you have 4 kids. Today we are at Madison's 4 month check up so I figured it was time to introduce her.
   She was born on March 4, 2011. I can tell you it was a Friday afternoon. I am never good at remembering the time the girls are born. That is probably because I am allergic to the anesthesia and throw up all over afterwards.
   She was 9lbs and the biggest baby to date. She was 20 1/4 inches long which makes her the shortest baby at birth. She had a head full of reddish dark hair and blue eyes. She spent time under the lights due to blood issues. It is a funny story.
   I am type O+ as is Brooke and Catie. Abby is O-. We thought Joey was O+ his whole family thought they were O+. Well Maddie gets here and is A- we can't figure out what happened. There is some rare blood disorder my mom researches so we are afraid she has it. I tell Joey call your doctor and confirm your blood type. Well turns out he is A-. At least we know can stop worrying about Maddie.
   She is a very happy baby. She gets lots of attention which she loves. She loves to imitate people. She has the cutest laugh and smile. She has learned to screech which can be a bit much at times. She loves to scoot all of the place on her tummy. She is convinced she is old enough to eat what she wants. She is a breastfed baby which she loves.
   I am wondering how much she weighs now. I know she packing on the pounds and getting quite long. She is growing by leaps and bounds. I want to make time stand still as she will be my last baby. She is now 18lb 4oz & 26 1/2 in long.
   She could not get her shots as she has some weird infection on top of her scalp. She has to take 10 days worth of medicines & a cream. We will then see if she can get her shots. This medicine is nasty tasting even with me telling them to add flavoring so I don't see how I am going to force it down her 3 times a day for 10 days.
   I am going to nurse her & see if she will nap before we head to the movies tonight. That is our Maddie in a nutshell. 

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