Thursday, July 14, 2011

update on the missing time

   I figured I would update on what has been going on since I posted about Brooke. As you can read I took my youngest to the dr. today & what was entailed there.
  The older girls last day of school was June 30th. I have a little over a month with them & they start their new year on August 8th. That does not give me a lot of time to replace their school uniforms (even public schools here wear them) school supplies & such. It is a pain & expensive since a lot of the sales are not even under way yet.
   We have gone to story time at the library a few times. The older 3 are in the summer reading program. They have all earned their shirts all ready. Abby has won a raffle & got 2 free books. It has kicked up my reading too. I discovered a new author named Therese Fowler & read 2 books by her. I am reading "44 Charles Street" by Danielle Steel right now. I better get a move on it since it is a library book.
   The Saturday before the 4th of July our block had it's 1st block party in 25 years. It did not go as badly as feared. No real mishaps. I did not have to strangle anyone. All went well until my sister in law showed up dressed like a hooker. It did not go well with me with her standing in front of my house like that at a neighborhood function. Joey felt as though I over reacted & I probably did. I was tired by that time & just ready for bed.
   The Saturday after the 4th of July they always do fireworks where I lived during my high school years. My parents still have a house there though they now live 30 min away. We went to see the fireworks there with my 2 sisters & parents. My dad went any way as my mom ducked out at the last moment. We went to a miniature golf, activity place before hand. Joey's 2 cousins own the place so we sometimes take the girls. They gave us 8 passes so the girls could do things.
    Brooke went on a trampoline thing that you bungee jump on. Her, Joey, Catie & Abby all went on the go karts while I was with the baby. I did not feel like going on them. Brooke took 2 turns at the batting cages. We also used 100 tokens in the arcade. The girls then got all sorts of candy & trinkets with their tickets.
    Tonight I will take the girls to see "Shrek ever after" in the park at dusk. We have been doing it for years. Joey stays home & enjoys the peace & quiet which is fine with me. The park is only 3 streets away so we will just walk there. I will pack snacks, the girls will visit with their friends & such. I am glad it has cooled down a bit, it is not as nice as it was yesterday though.
   I am going to try to lay down for a bit. I have had the worst sinus headache for days that just does not want to quit. Hopefully I can get better about keeping up to date on this.

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