Tuesday, June 28, 2011

not quite a teen angst

  First off I am beyond mad. I had a whole post about my oldest & it would not save it & it disappeared when I tried to post it. I now have to try to recall all of my witty antidotes.

  I was trying to decide if I should start with my youngest or my oldest. As you can see my oldest won out in the end.  Brooke just turned 12 this month. She is caught in limbo between young girl & a teen. She seems to be 12 going on 21 most days.
  She has drawn the conclusion that her parents are idiots & her 10 year old sister is a few select unmentionable names most days. She knows better than to utter those words out loud though.
  She feels are main objective in life is to make her as miserable as possible. I can't deny that the thought does cross my mind some days. She does not have the newest, coolest phone so she is devastated. She does have a basic text capable phone. We do not let her dress in a way that could get her mistaken as a street walker which makes us uncool. We do not let her roam at will the streets of a major city which makes up stupid. She has no clue how well she has it.
  She has been fairly safe in her own little bubble that seems to encompass most of her friends. They are at the start of their I'm invincible stage. She is pretty typical across the board for most girls her age that I have seen. She at times does not have the good sense that god gave a rock though.
  She will be starting 7th grade on August 30th. She will finish this school year on June 30th. Her & her sister Catie (10) go to school year round. They are changing the tracks on us this year so I have no clue how well it is going to work for us.
  She loves the color purple, which is just like I did at her age. I had so many articles of purple clothing & even purple bedding. She loves things with skulls on it which mainly seems to be clothes right now. She liked lighthouses but i think that are phasing themselves out.
  She is tall for her age & on the thin side. It makes it hard to find clothes that we deem appropriate. She is in a size 0 in juniors for pants. The tops are not quite built for her body yet much to her chagrin. She is wearing a size 8 1/2 in women's shoes. She is going to have big feet like I do, as I am in a 10.
  She is the daughter that looks the most like me. She has brown hair & hazel eyes. All of the girls look like sisters though. She is not sure how she feels about looking like her mom yet. Hopefully in time she will realize that is not a bad thing.
  She loves to read which she also gets from me. She seems to like horror. I read it at her age just on a much milder level. I try to not censor what she reads to much. I look up anything I feel is questionable.
  She likes music that comes on radio stations her mom would ever in a million years listen to which just makes me lose more cool points. I am an 80's girl at heart. She does love Kiss though. We took & Catie to see them in concert a few years ago.
  One of these days she will figure out that we do most things with her best intentions at heart. We will just have to deal with her not quite a teen angst until it turns into full blown teen angst I guess.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The beginning or maybe it is the middle

As the title suggests I am a mom of 4 girls. They are 12, 10 & my last was born in March 2011. I figured listing that is easier than constantly trying to label her in months. Though she will soon be 4 months. I am going to be 34 in August. I have been married almost 9 years. My husband will be 39 in August. He has also been a type 1 diabetic for almost 30 years. I reside in Illinois but grew up in Indiana. 
I am the oldest of 4. I am sure you will meet my brother & 2 sisters somewhere along the journey. My sisters are 2 of my best friends, they will be 25 in October. My brother is about 28 I am thinking. I won't touch on him much as it is a sticky situation where he is concerned.
This is mainly just a brief look into our jumbled life.