Friday, July 22, 2011

Myview survey site

  I am getting questions about myview from a reply to a blog. It is a survey site that is by invite only. I love it because if you start a survey even if you do not qualify they give you 125. I started the site in Oct of 2010 & have earned 316375 points so far. I average about a gift card a month. They have a number of cards to choose from. I just keep the window open while I am doing other things & click on it when I think of it to see if I have any surveys. It is one of the few survey sites I have found to be worth my time & effort.
  If you are interested send me your email. I promise to only use it to send you an invite & not for mystery meat (spam). 

I hate down pours

  I live in an area where when we get heavy rain you have to worry about flooding in your basement. It is a major pain in the rear to say the least. It usually seems to happen when I am home alone & have to deal with the flooding alone.
  My husband has been a drummer off & on for years. He has a very expensive drum set that is set up in our basement. I have a few problems with this. For starters that is where we have family  our get together & they take up way to much room. The second problem is he refuses to keep them off the floor. If it starts flooding he expects me to run down there & try to break down this huge, heavy set & move it. It is not something I can really do myself. I am also worried about other stuff that may need to be gotten up in the mean time.
  We know the stuff should be kept up but with 4 kids, it happens. I am getting ready to leave after lunch to take the older girls to the dentist. There will be maybe a 3 hour span where no one is home to watch the basement. It is pouring out and that means the potential of flooding. He told me last night to get the floor picked up in case the rain hit but did not do anything with him drums. I am wondering how long it will be before he is texting or calling about it.
  I better get moving. I still have to try to pump more milk for Maddie's cereal. Abby is not up yet & I still have to make lunch. Brooke is irritated I made her get up to shower before the storm hit, oh well. 
  Here is to hoping I come home to a dry basement.....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking for reviewers for necklaces

 This is one that was made for a young girl

I can take close ups if someone likes, I was pressed for time.



  I am not sure how many reviewers I will need yet as I am not sure how many necklaces she will donate. They are all one of a kind. I will be looking for people who normally wear necklaces. 
  I do have pictures of some of them. They usually come on a cord that you can then transfer over to a chain if you wish. If I find more examples I will post them (have to ask Catie if she knows where anymore are). The ones I have are ours personally, so you would receive something different.
  I am not sure how soon I will need the reviewers but would like to have everything in order when she decides to do this. If you are interested please leave your email address & I will contact you directly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

journey to a size 8

waist 36'
hips 41'
R thigh 24'
L arm 13'
chest 41 1/2'

  Those are my goal jeans, as you can see I have a ways to  go. I am not going to be to hard on myself as I did just have my 4th c-section 4 months ago. I am nursing so I have not been as diligent about things as I could be. 
  I am not going to use a scale to gauge things. I am going to use my tape measure & those pants. I want to count calories & get back into exercising. I will aim for 1600-1800 calories. I want to make sure the baby gets the milk she needs & can't really cut calories to compromise her.
  It is really to hot to be doing much outside though I do enjoy running & have a jogging stroller. I have a wii & xbox360 with kinect. I have 14 workout games between the 2 systems so no excuse to not get moving. I also have a mini trampoline & hand weights.
  My problems are I have the worst sweet tooth, I eat to late at night & it is junk food. I also am drinking to much soda. I know my weak points so there is no excuse for me to not reach my goal. I am majorly lacking motivation though & I am well aware of this. I did my measurements this morning. I will do them again on the 1st & then on the 1st of every month from here on out.
  Once I hit my goal I will make Dh get me a new wardrobe. I am trying to figure out some smaller goal rewards for me that don't involve clothes. I am in a size 14 right now, so 1st goal is size 12, then 10, final is an 8.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday meme

1. What did you do this week to take time for yourself? My nightly baths

2. If your life was a movie, what would the name of it be and what would it be about? life with 4 girls. It would be about the ins & outs of with my girls

3. When was the last time you swung on a swing? I hate swings they make me dizzy

Birthday present dilema, can he really be right?

  My birthday is August 5th. I am trying to decide what I would like. I thought I had it all figured out but now Dh has me doubting myself. I like gadgets but then seem to not use them much. Dh likes to point this out & I then get to remind him that he is the same way.
  I have the original nook but don't use it all that often. I use it more now that I added the app to my iPhone. I wanted a Keurig for Christmas. It really is not geared towards someone like me because I am not a coffee drinker. The last thing I wanted was my karaoke machine. It is not getting used as much as I would like either.
  That now leads me to my newest want. I want an iPad with 3g capability. I have a lap top & desk top but want a tablet computer. I want to be able to walk wherever I want to be without lugging around the weight of a laptop. My nook has Internet capability, so does my iPhone.
  Dh worries that I will not like it as well I think. He says it is like having my iPhone be the size of my Nook. We are looking to upgrade to the new iPhone that is coming out this fall. He said there are things I still will not be able to do. I know it does not support Flash & I am not sure what else.
  I have tried to ask what others think of theirs but you gt mixed reviews just like with anything else. I really want to be sure before we lay down over $900 for it. I am going to pay for 1/2 of it with gift cards I have from Target (this was my suggestion, he has no problem paying for it all). He suggested we save the money & get me a Mac laptop which I know I don't want.
  I am now not sure what I want at all & it is driving me nuts. I just don't want to get it & then have to admit my Dh was right. That is not what I want for my 34th birthday haha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introducing Abby Cadabby

  Here is the last of my girls Abigail Marie. She was born Dec. 22nd 2006. I call her my Christmas present. She is such a mommy's girl. I can't go anywhere without her if she is around. I always tell her I am going to run away & she asks to come along haha.
  She is still adjusting to not being the baby of the family. I nursed her for 39 months, I stopped when we decided to try to get pregnant again. She slept with us until then too.
  She has 1 year of preschool left. She gets irritated with her class since a lot of the kids seem to not want to do their homework, cry & some even sleep the whole time. I wonder what she will do when she hits kindergarten & they don't behave there ;)
  She enjoys the color pink, gymnastics, Calliou, Max & Ruby, playing her DS, dancing games on the wii. She is like me & always singing something. She loves Abba & knows a number of the songs by heart, pretty good for a 4 year old.
  It took forever for her to have a relationship with daddy. It was not until October & he was home for a few weeks after a work injury that she grew close to him. I was glad to see her open to him. 

Catherine, calling Catherine.

  I still had 2 daughters to introduce so figured I better get started. I need to find decent pictures of them to show off. Dh wiped this computer clean though so I only have what is on my phone picture wise for now.
  Catie turned 10 in Feb. Take notice that I said Catie & not Cathy. I decided before she was born that I did not want her to have the nickname Cathy so I started calling her Catie very early on. She gets upset when someone calls her Cathy.
  She was born with a cleft lip, we got it repaired at 4 months. She was a difficult sort of baby. She did not want anyone to hold her unless she was sick. That was hard because we all love to snuggle & love on babies & she wanted none of that. She was very shy & still is to a point.
  She has strawberry blond hair that she loves. Her grandma (mother-in-law) is one of her best friends. They will spend days on end together, luckily she only lives 3 streets away. 
  She is on the local gymnastics team. She just finished her 1st year. She did well & worked hard for years to get to be there. She gets frustrated that she can't do some of the things the other girls who have been on the team longer can do. We just tell her that things will come for her with practice.
  She is still content to be a little girl in most ways & play with Littlest Pet Shops & the likes of it. I am fine with that, so many kids feel the need to grow up instantly.
  She will be going into 5th grade in August. I can remember when it was her 1st day of preschool & she did not want to let go of me. My girls are al growing up & it can be a hard pill to swallow.
  She loves the color red, collects cows. She likes to read, play webkinz & various online sites. She is helpful & like to bake. She has a temper to match her beautiful hair, haha. She loves to garden with grandpa.