Thursday, August 4, 2011

Started my workout today

   I started the Biggest Loser game on the wii today. I started with a 4 week challenge on beginner. I am hoping I can stick to it. I need to get back into working out.
   On Tuesday I got the last bit of dental work done before my partial comes in on August 30th. I am wanting to transform into the new me that I am happier with. I was doing really well a few years ago then I had major marriage problems. I am an emotional eater so I let it get the best of me.
   I am getting hi lites in September for the 1st time. We are holding off until the sun is not as strong outside as to cut down on fade time. I got my hair cut in June so I won't need a hair cut for  a while.
   I need to get my sugar problem under control. I need to find better snacking options & portion control. I also stay away from artificial sweeteners so that limits a lot of the so called "diet" foods. I am need more veggies & fruits. I seem to forget about it once I buy it & then it ends up going bad :(


  1. That used to happen all the time when I bought fruits and veggies. I'm trying to eat healthier now so I'm making sure it doesn't happen. Good luck on your workout! You can do it.

  2. Stopping by to say hello!
    As of today I'm starting to go back to exercise and eating healthier too..I wish you good luck!!!


  3. I have a bad sugar cravings, I am definitely a sweet tooth kind of gal. One thing I started using as sweetener in backed goods and things is Agava syrup, it is a natural sweetener that you don't need alot of because it packs quite a punch.

    I am stopping by to let you know I awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award" on my blog. I hope you are able to accept :)