Tuesday, August 2, 2011

beware of making the mom mad.................

   My oldest has a friend of sorts I guess you would say. We will call her L. She is a grade higher than she is & they will both be in junior high together this year (Brooke will be a 7th grader).
   L has the bad habit of calling over a dozen times a day on Brooke's cell phone. Brooke has asked her to stop calling so much, will not answer the phone & has even turned her phone off.
   We were having some issues with Brooke yesterday & L was around with her mom. I asked her to please give Brooke some space for a few weeks. 2 hours later she was at my house again with her mom wanting Brooke.
   This did not make me happy since she would not respect my wishes. It was beyond hot here today & a trying day for me. Brooke was on her way to see her friend R when I went to get her & bring her home. She had taken the baby with her outside after we told her it was way to hot.
   I am dealing with her when L calls for about the 14th time that day. I finally answered it & said to not call again. When we got home R called wondering where she was. I told her to go ahead & answer the phone & let her know she would be not be there.
  I hear Brooke getting really upset & start yelling. It turns out L is there & saying that next time I answer "Brooke's phone" she will call the police. Well for starters Brooke is 12 so it is not her phone. She is not old enough for a job to pay for it nor can she enter a contract.
   I ask to talk to R. I ask about the current drama going on, R knows I have no tolerance for drama. I can hear L in the back ground ranting & raving like a lunatic. I told R Brooke was not going today but maybe she could tomorrow. I do not want her to be there if L is there. If she shows up & Brooke does not leave than she will not be allowed at her house anymore.
   I had been trying to block L's number but AT&T was having issues. I was able to get it blocked tonight though so hopefully that will cut down on the piddly junk. 


  1. Gah. Drama. The one thing that will happen once my daughter gets older that I am NOT looking forward to.

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  3. Oh...I'm not looking forward to Junior High. Thanks for visiting Raising Marshmallows I'm following you back :)