Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long week.....

Last Thursday I woke up at 2 AM to Maddie having a temp of over 104. When we got up around 9 she would not stop screaming & her fever kept spiking. I got worried since she is only 5 months so I called the Dr. They took her right away.
They could not see anything obvious was wrong so they figured she had a virus. They said to keep her comfortable, hydrated & let her rest. We had a hell of a time for 5 days & it finally passed on Tuesday. I was beyond tired & run down after this point. She was very much a mommy's girl while sick & that carried over for a few days afterwards. It finally got to the point just on Thursday where she would let anyone else hold her again.
All of this while the older 2 had school & all that entails plus my 4 year old at home. The joys & stresses of being a mommy. I am glad she is well & seemed to weather her 1st illness. I am sure more will be on the way as fall approaches & I am not looking forward to it.

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