Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to school shopping

   One of the things I hate about going to school year round is the short shopping time we get for the next school year. My girls last day was June 30th & we start August 8th. 
  I am finding myself trying to get the basics for a 5th & 7th graders. The problem is a lot of the school supplies are still on the expensive side. That does not include that even our public schools wear uniforms here too so that really adds to it. I hate that they have to wear white shirts especially since I am allergic to bleach so that makes it hard to keep the shirts clean. You can add to that a child who gets chronic bloody noses & I am sure you can imagine my disdain.
   On Wednesday I went & tried to get the bare minimum they will need & then hopefully get the rest when better sales hit. I do still have to get a note book since I forgot 1 for my oldest. I spent $65 & all that I got was: 2 back packs, folders, 2 binders, pens, 1 box of crayons per girl, 1 pack of glue sticks, notebooks, 3 packs of post it notes, computer paper.
   I still have to get uniforms, 2 pairs of shoes per girls (3 each if I get gym shoes) plus extra paper, poster board, notebooks, folders, glue, crayons and the list goes on (imagine in your head me singing & "the beat goes on"). I am lucky my 4 year old does not start preschool until mid September so I can wait for things to go on clearance for her.  None of that cost included the workbook fee for them.
   My 5th grader wanted to take her lunch this year until she learned she would have to make it herself & that deterred her. I told her she was old enough for that responsibility. I don't think she quite saw it my way.
   Oh I forgot to add into the cost of a new cell phone since my oldest will not be at the same school as my 5th grader. Then in late fall we will have to replace our oldest daughter's phone. We got her a cheap starter phone & it has not held up well these past 2 years. Normally we would just passed down our phones when we upgrade but we got iPhones. We have decided we do not feel comfortable with the girls walking around with those. We will turn off the service & turn them into iTouches they can use around the house.


  1. We homeschool, so I dont go thru quite the same chaos when summer is over. I'm so thankful! Purchasing curriculum can be a stress, but it's the path we've chosen!
    Good luck!
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  2. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following... I'm following your blog now as well. :)

    I'm a sahm mom of 3 girls. I only have 1 in school right now- my oldest is 6 and going in 1st grade. We've gotten most of the back to school items on her list except the cleaning/sanitary items- Lysol wipes, kleenex, etc.

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